About this Cruise

This month-long cruise aboard the NOAA Ship Oscar Elton Sette brings together six diverse teams to survey fish populations using non-catch methods. Traditionally, fish populations have been assessed by catching fish, visiting fish markets and interviewing fishermen. Chief Scientist Scott Ferguson hopes to support Guam and the CNMI in monitoring their natural resources using non-extractive methods. The ship will also use multibeam sonar to map areas that are important fishery resources hopefully to include Galvez Bank, offshore slopes near Rota, and the banks of Farallon de Medinilla.

The survey methods include BotCams and BRUVs, two systems that put baited cameras on the bottom, and a TOAD which is a camera towed near the seafloor . An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle will travel on its own via computer programming and bring back photographs and video. Additionally, acoustic methods will be used to survey fish in the water column.

This expedition brings together scientists from NOAA’s Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center and Northwest Fisheries Science Center, as well as the University of Hawaii’s Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research, the University of Guam Marine Lab, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sailing on Thursday

Oscar Elton Sette departs on Thursday at 09:30. Watch for updates.


Shark Feet said...

Anonymous said...
Hope you guys get good weather!

Hafa Adai Anonymous,
Thanks for the good wishes. The weather is lovely. It’s beautiful day to be out on deck. We are rocking and rolling, but no one is green from seasickness.

Shark Feet said...

Anonymous said...
Hey Ms. Tatreau and everyone on the boat. i thought id say hi and i am very excited to be able to see or read what you guys are doing. Ms. Tatreau i heard you were late... i dont know if that is correct because you are never i repeat NEVER late for anything... SO i hope to be hearing from you guys soon. BTW i did an awesome job and the telethon today, i am getting a copy so you can see it and a copy from where we live. Hope to read more from you and everyone on the boat.

Hey Mar,
You know I wasn’t late. Late is not my style and I don’t do Chamorro time. I wish I could have been a part of the telethon, but sometimes you can’t do everything. How many comments did the telethon generate? Fortunately, StudentSpeak got me going to write my comments! Fish 250 is off to a slow start as we are just learning and the internet access onboard is painfully slow.

Shark Feet said...

Cant wait to see some pictures and updates! I wish you and the crew the best of luck and safe travels.
Marine Maniac

Hay Ray,
Thanks for all the help in getting F1sh 250 started. I am still learning. Hopefully we will have a picture or two up later today.

Shark Feet said...

Hey Miss T i hope your trip is going great. first period misses you and the class is doing good i will be asking questions as soon as information or data shows on the site. email me if you find anything interesting thanks. first period rocks

I miss you too but I know I have left you in fun and capable hands. Have you prepared your comments on the DEIS? First period is great, but “rocks?” I think it’s a little too early for y’all to rock. We are getting good data with the sonar so it looks like the fishing will start tomorrow (that’s by looking rather than catching).